hero's quest

This is a 16-bit, vertical platforming game that follows a young hero as they follow their master's quest to find the ultimate truth at the top of the mountain.

I made this game for my Game Art studio final in 2018, using Adobe Photoshop for the art and Unity to program the game itself.

ninja cat adventure

This is a side-scrolling shooter were the hero of the story is a ninja cat who can toss throwing stars in order to defeat the other, evil forest creatures.

This game was made with Unity, and was created by a small team of people for the University of Cincinnati's 2019 Hackathon. I would draw the assets in Adobe Photoshop, and then send them over to my teammates who would program them into the game.

We only had 24 hours to complete our game, and in the end our project ended up winning Best Design out of 60 other projects.

Crab jam

This is a 16-bit environmental-based exploration game that follows a hermit crab as he starts in a pet tank and has to find his way back to the sea.

This game was made in Unity, and created as a group for the 2019 Global Game Jam hosted at the University of Cincinnati.


Over 36 hours I worked on a team, drawing the backgrounds, character animations, and objects in Adobe Photoshop, and then I would send each one as I finished to the group so they could program them into the game.